Christopher W. Anderson, MS, LMFT, NCGC II, BACC

Most people come to therapy in a place of distress and want immediate relief. Often I find that it is that very pain and distress that has the potential to be our greatest teacher and the launching point for transformation.

The wisdom of all the great spiritual traditions affirms that suffering, which is simply a part of life, is a primary pathway to transformation and the spiritual experience. It is how we deal with or respond to suffering (our own and/or others) that determines how we experience and live our life.

There is a suffering, however, that we inflict on ourselves and others by our unwillingness to face the 'givens' of life (losses, traumas, etc). We defend, distract, anesthetize ourselves from the real suffering through the use of mood-altering substances or activities (alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex, relationships, overworking, etc.) These repetitive, addictive patterns create the noise, chaos, and consequences that then become a central controlling force in our lives. What I find in all of these is that o ur primary addiction is to our way of thinking.

My goal is to assist others in becoming aware of the ways in which they block themselves from healthy relationships with themselves and others. What I know is that self exploration in a safe presence opens the way to deep peace and purpose.

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