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“Chris is one of the most brilliant people I know. He has such incredible gifts - his ability to connect right away with what’s going on with compassion and depth. What he has done with me I really cannot put into words. I am eternally grateful.”

“There’s a saying that you can’t take anyone to a place you haven’t been, and that is definitely the case with Chris. That’s how he works with people…he’s been there. I never saw more anger in a man transformed into wisdom. Chris literally refused not to grow and has outgrown his problems over and over again. I love him dearly and thank him for being in my life. He paid his price.”

“Chris has meant so much to me…I will carry with me the gift of every day moments that allow me to show up in a completely different way than I would have ever done on my own. If I am a positive influence in other people’s lives, it’s because of what he has given me.”

“Eleven years ago last month, I was in a little tiny phone booth near the psych ward in a local hospital, and I was told that I would not be released until I had made an appointment with a therapist, and somebody told me about Chris Anderson. If I had not met him, I’m pretty sure I would be dead. It’s the truth. We met individually for a while and I was permitted to join a group – it was all guys (who may have regretted that decision!). Chris saved my life.”

“Like a lot of people who make their way into the basement of Chris Anderson’s house, I knew two things were true for me. I was at the end of the line. I was dying. The other thing I realized was that I had a chance. He brought me back... No one could reach me my whole life… but he did. He found a way to get to me.”

“I was in a rehab five years – a mess, worried about my marriage blowing up on me, and one of Chris’s guys pulled me aside and said, Forget about your marriage and your kids. You have to be here for yourself. Great advice. We got to know each other there, and he told me when I got back to Chicago to look up Chris Anderson. I have to say, everyone else is an amateur.”

“If it weren’t for Chris, I wouldn’t be married and wouldn’t have four kids, which Chris is responsible for (indirectly, of course)…”

“I thank God every day that I met Chris. He saved my life. I didn’t know I had so many issues when I started! I knew I had gambling but I didn’t know I had all of the other stuff like addiction, family history, etc. A lot of pain and damage had been done both to me and by me. Chris helped me clean up a lot of my damage and taught me to try to make things right every day by keeping my side of the street clean. He is accessible to each of us and our significant others in a way that no other therapist has provided.”

“Chris taught me how to be a better father, a better friend, and a better husband, well... two out of three (now that I’m divorced!)… I’m not good at saying I love you, but I do love you.”

“The one thing always amazes me, after having gone through a lot of life traumas and many therapists, is Chris’s capacity to be present, which is a very difficult thing to do. He never checks out. He is 100% present. I like to think I’m a pretty smart guy, but it was the time I spent with Chris that I learned how to think… I design and build bridges and I want to acknowledge Chris as an honorary bridge builder. He has basically built bridges between each of us and a community that has allowed us to grow as individuals and as family members. And those bridges will grow in perpetuity.”

“I was reflecting upon how many unbelievable friendships I have with people I met through Chris. I knew I had problems, but Chris helped me understand I had many more problems! His insights are phenomenal. When you’re in the group, the one thing you don’t want is for Chris to start asking you questions. The hot seat is always uncomfortable, but good. Tough. I always come away feeling like a better person. He has made such an impact on my understanding of myself.”

“I met Chris in 1988 and I still remember his pain - in body and soul. From his commentary on his journey, I learned insights and understanding, and then to see his inner strength was an inspiration. I am really honored to have seen him over the years and to know that his contributions in the community are not just in the field of therapy, but also in the court system.”

“He has outlasted my two wives, five cars, three kids, one dog, two houses… ! I am so glad I found him. I am grateful for the insights, the things he has introduced me to and for helping me with my issues.”


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